How to get UDID?

It is simple to get your UDID:

From iOS device

  1. Just follow this link, and confirm profile installation (profile will not be installed, it is used only to get your UDID).
  2. Done! You will be automatically redirected to order form with prefilled UDID.

ATTENTION, please do not use iOS Apps to get your UDID from iOS 6 or upper! UDID, starting with fffff is incorrect!

From Mac or PC

  1. Connect your iOS Device to Mac or PC via USB cable.
  2. Open iTunes (Download iTunes).
  3. Click on your device tab in top right corner.
  4. Check that you are on "Summary" tab.
  5. Hold Command (⌘) on Mac or Shift on Windows PC and click on device's serial number.
  6. Right-click on UDID and select "Copy identifier (UDID)".
  7. Done! Fill in UDID to order form.