How to install iOS Beta?

It's very simple! Here is how to:

Directly on iDevice

  1. Visit Beta profiles website from your iDevice
  2. Tap on corresponding profile and install it on your device.
  3. Reboot device if necessary
  4. Go to Settings -> General -> Software update on your device
  5. Tap check for new version
  6. A latest iOS Beta will appear, and you will be able to update your device without Mac or PC

How to use Apple Developer Certificates?

You can use it locally or via cloud signing services.

Locally on PC/Mac

  1. Create your application in Xcode (Download Xcode) or another IDE.
  2. Add your certificate to Xcode
  3. Code and compile your app
  4. Done! Xcode will automatically sign and deploy an app to your device

Via Cloud Signing Provider

  1. Go to Our partner Signing Service or any other signing service
  2. Enter your UDID (Get my UDID) and upload your application.
  3. Done! After signing will be completed, you will receive email with link to download and install your app.